Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

For over 15 years Star Team Cleaning has been taking pride in serving in Greater Toronto Area, so that our customer can take pride in the appearance of their premises. We understand that a clean work place not only your reputation but the productivity of your staff as well. All aspects of janitorial services are provided and the size of our contracts range from small 1-day-per week contracts to large office buildings and industrial complexes.

To addition that to the professional appearance of your facility all our staff are uniformed and have a identification card, English-speaking and trained by the latest technique and highest standards. Frequent inspections are performed to ensure the quality of the job. Housekeeping reports and surveys are passed out on a regular basis to help us determine if you are satisfied with our performance. we also have a communication log book to communicate effectivly and timely,our customer can let us know any issues or concern so when we come to clean the place first thing we do is to check the log book to make sure to address if there is any concerns in timely manner. 

Our commitment is to provide a high standard of cleanliness to every contract that has been entrusted to us in order to retain our stellar reputation