Star Team Cleaning

Star Team Cleaning is at the forefront in providing specialized Cleaning Services to the private, commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

Star Team Cleaning is committed to providing quality services aimed at meeting and exceeding client requirements. This objective is accomplished through a stringent staff selection process in conjunction with extensive training, research and development.

The management team at Star Team Cleaning work closely with our clientele, to build strong team relations by working together as a united team to plan and design Service Programs that will ensure your property runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our commitment is to provide the most efficient, consistent, reliable and cost effective cleaning service that exceeds our customers requirements and expectations.

Our reputation for quality is maintained by the hands-on involvement of all our staff from management level through to on site personnel, who are actively involved in the development and implementation of our quality practices.

Star Team Cleaning is committed to ensure that all our employees embrace the Quality Policy